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          Huayu Commercial Development Co. Ltd. owned by the Group is a limited liability company set up accding to listed enterprise nms. With Huayu Shopping Center Taiyuan Huayu International Shopping Plaza Taiyuan Huayu Shopping Plaza Taiyuan it is holding  an operational commercial area of around 300000 square meters. Huayu La Flet Taiyuan a comprehensive commercial center to be opened shtly with a super-size area of over 150000 square meters and diversified types of operation including international brand global cuisine recreation facilities is to have its debut as an Intelligent Commercial Center with “Art & Culture Sci-Tech Interactive”as key codes will be the first life style multi-experiential center in Shanxi. 

    Healthy operation and cash flow in condition accumulated by Huayu Commercial Co. Ltd. is a great insurance of steady growth of the Group. By 2017 the sales revenue of the Group in Shanxi area to hit around RMB 3 billion and revenue of sales of real estate to reach RMB 500 million.





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